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How to test led strip quality?

Rayou Lighting High Quality Strip 
1. Soldering Point   
You can see that our soldering point is very good and full, so the leds will not have any soldering-skip.         
2. LEDs arrangement        
All of our led flexible strips are produced by SMT machine, so you can see that all the leds are in line.. And look very nice :)        
3. Waterproof
a. IP65 Waterproof 
All of them are produced by dripping-resin waterproof machine,and used high quality A&B epoxy glue,so you can see that the waterproof is very smooth, and only few bubble inside the strips.        
b. IP68 waterproof 

All of them are also produced by machine, so you see the appearance is very smooth, and can't see any bubble inside either.In addition, it's totally full waterproof, you can put it into the waterproof for a long time :)       
Its accessoris are for free and also it's transparent  

4. Brightness         
Non-waterproof                                 IP65 waterproof                         IP68 waterproof
You can see that the light is very shiny, and also the led color for each lot is same, not like this, for example, one led 
is 4000~4500k but the others are 6000~6500k.        
What's the difference between ours and others?      
For 3528 leds, other factory use 9mil chip but ours use 12mil chip, so ours are brighter than most of others.
5. Warranty:         
For all the goods you buy from us, we can back up you at least 2-year warranty 

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